S: HIlkens Black Delight

Black 148 cm   2003

2005 Weser-Ems Stallion Licensing Champion.

Black Delight was the first pony ever to be invited to the Oldenburg Stallion Parade, where he received a standing ovation. He was described as being “as close to perfection as possible” and the most stunning pony they had seen in at least six years since his sire, Branduardi M, won the licensing.

30 Day Performance Test Champion 2007 – General Average 8.71

He scored 10 from the guest rider and was particularly praised for his jumping.

Oldenburger Landeschampion – 4 yr Pony – score of 8.8

Oldenburger/Weser-Ems Championships 2007- Champion 4 yr Riding Pony, score of 8.7 beating 34 other ponies.

Oldenburger/Weser-Ems Championships 2009 Champion of 6-9 yr old stallions

2009 Bundeschampionate 3rd with inexperienced young rider

Sire of multiple licensed sons and licensing winners, premium mares and successful sports ponies.

D: Wela

Successful offspring in dressage and jumping

Wespe He : Twice Bundeschampionate participant for Jumping ponies 2010 & 2011 placing 4th 6 yr final

Hanni HE: Bundeschampionate participant 2013

Grisu He WE: Bundeschampionate participant  2016

Successful offspring  

DD Wolkenfee

Successful offspring in dressage and jumping

Caspar HE WE: 2009 winner of the Oldenburger Landeschampionate

3yr old Vice Bundeschampion 2009

4yr old Vice Bundeschampion 2010  (trot 8,5 canter 9,0 walk 8,0 training 9.0 conformation 8.0 presentation 9,0)

Caspari HE:  Bundeschampionate participant

Casimo HE WE: Oldenburger Landeschampion 2013 3 yr old

2016 Bundeschampionate finalist 6 yr old


DS: Rocky Twist

This Pony stallion has exceptional jumping ability, excellent gaits and a great mind. His progeny are successful with their young riders at dressage, eventing, endurance events, and as driving ponies.


S: HIlkens Black Delight
D: Wela


Bundeschampionate 2012  3RD  3 yr old  Dressage ponies

Bundeschampionate 2013 CHAMPION 4 yr old Dressage ponies mares and geldings

trot 9.50   canter 8.00    walk 8.50    training 8.50    conformation 8.50    Guest rider 19/20